The Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp is an opportunity for students at Victoria University of Wellington to take their ideas and test them to see if they are viable as businesses.


    The purpose of the Bootcamp is not just to grow businesses, but to grow entrepreneurs who learn essential skills while working on their own startups.


    Next summer's Bootcamp starts 19 November 2018, and runs for 12 weeks, with a two break over the Christmas period. It ends with a showcase event on the 27th of February.


    Want to join a team? Sign up here! We can to introduce you to teams who need your skills!


    Are you keen to become an entrepreneur? Do you like solving problems and working in a team? Perhaps you are looking for people with the right skills to make your idea a reality? Or are you the one with the technical skills or business know how, and just need the right idea to work on?

    Have you and your team been working on your business whilst studying?


    The Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp will help you to build your business, using skills and networks available within the university, and tapping into the wider business scene in Wellington. As you build your business, you will develop a solid grounding in concepts key to business decisions and success.


    We expect that you will commit 20 hours per week to building your business over the summer, and offer a $3k stipend to Victoria University students to help pay the rent.

    Build your networks

    Through Bootcamp you'll meet awesome people from across Wellington. Be inspired and connect with others who have turned their ideas into businesses.

    Located at the BizDojo, you will work alongside other entrepreneurs, and engage with community networking events. 

    Learn by doing!

    Bootcamp gives you the chance to build your business, everyday, learning all the skills you need as you go. There are no exams or assignments, you learn by doing!

    You will gain experience in lean startup and become very familiar with your business model canvas, testing your assumptions as you go.

    With the help of our partners, you will develop skills in running businesses, including financials, legal considerations, operations, sales, business planning and pitching.

    Connect with other co-founders and build a team

    Bootcamp will bring together the best and brightest minds from Victoria University - its the perfect place to find your co-founders, develop your team and build your business!

    Once you have your team, we help you understand how to work together effectively and run projects. You will also be supported to form and run an advisory board that could last beyond Bootcamp.

  • Apply Now

    Applications for Bootcamp 2018-19 are now open - and close on 30 September 2018

    The application for your team to enter Bootcamp is done in a two steps.


    First - create your team application (including details for your team leader) and then add team members (1 form per member). This allows you to create your team application now - and add additional members before the cut off date if you haven't fully put your team together yet. To help with this there is a team building event in September.


    We expect each team member to commit to the following: 

    • 20 hours per week working on your startup, including basing your team at the Biz Dojo when you are not out and about with customer development and related activities.
    • A minimum of 6 hours in workshops, at talks, and in coaching/mentoring sessions (on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays).  These sessions are held during the day, and will include at least 1 hr on Monday and Friday, and 4 hours on Wednesdays.
    • Availability to pitch on the evening of the 27th of February
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    Team Member Application Form

    ... then add your team members

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    "I have started a lot of companies, but the Bootcamp gave me the time and resources to make one successful"






    — Chris Mather, Point Zero

    Bootcamp 2012-2013

    "Startups live or die by the strength of their teams. Josh and I met our co-founder Connor through the Bootcamp, he is a sales/ marketing guy and we're techies so Bootcamp is a great place to round out your team."


    — Danesh Abeyratne, Hatcher

    Bootcamp 2014-2015

    "We wanted to get the foundations right so that we can expand into other areas – such as dinner delivery, home delivery and even catering – in the future"




    — Siang Lim, Food Ninja

    Bootcamp 2014-2015


    Logan Elliott - Highly Flammable

    Workshop delivery and startup coach​

    Logan is the founder of four startps: a tech company, a festival, entertainment company Highly Flammable and a coaching company.

    He can help you with a wide variety of business challenges but being able to breath fire (literally) on your competitors is probably the most useful skill he teaches.

    Sam Jones

    Little Yellow Bird

    Workshop delivery and startup coach​

    Samantha is the Founder and CEO of ethical clothing company Little Yellow Bird, and blockchain traceability company Origins.

    Samantha has a Masters in International Security, is an Edmund Hillary Fellow and was recognised as New Zealand's Young Innovator of the year in 2017.

    Justin Douché - Zero Point Ventures

    Workshop delivery and startup coach​

    Justin is a business consultant and coach with experience in international corporates and SMEs in NZ and abroad.

    He regularly mentors founders and startups to help grow NZ's future business leaders, focusing on personal growth, learning and collaboration, rather than just the tech or just the process.


    In addition to our awesome delivery team, we have dedicated coaches that bring specific skills

    Bart De Vries


    Climathon startup coach​

    Bart is an advisor at MOTIF where he supports ethical businesses with strategy, investment and representation. He has a personal interest in businesses that improve peoples health and wellbeing through the products, services and work culture they provide. He has been involved with the Wellington Climathon since it was introduced by Climate-KIC in 2015.


    Oliver Townend


    Team startup coach​

    Olly works at the intersections of design, entrepreneurship, education, construction and whatever else needs doing. He is particularly interested in the commercialisation of creative projects, the application of design thinking in entrepreneurship and anything to do with innovative construction techniques.

    His experience spans the construction, product design, education and fitness industries.

  • Programme Manager

    Camp Mum, Agony Aunt, Bad Cop, and Problem Solver



    Emily is the Entrepreneurship Manager at Viclink and is responsible for developing, coordinating and delivering a range of programmes and initiatives (including the Victoria Entrepreneur Bootcamp and the Momentum Investment Committee) that will help to foster an innovative, entrepreneurial culture across every faculty at Victoria.

    Find out more...


    If you have any questions, or need help with applying for Bootcamp - Contact her now!


    Victoria University of Wellington

    Victoria University has a tradition of fostering strong global links in teaching and research and programmes of national significance and international quality.

    Leadership, creativity and entrepreneurship, whether social, cultural or commercial, are at the heart of its capacity to imagine, to express new possibilities, to find new solutions to complex issues.


    Viclink is the commercialisation arm of Victoria University of Wellington, partnering with academics to transform their discoveries into real benefit to society.

    It actively encourages and support Victoria's students to be innovative; after all, today's students are tomorrow's entrepreneurs.




    The BizDojo

    Premier Partner

    NZ’s biggest & best coworking network for creative and technology businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

    As our Premier Partner, The BizDojo provides the venue for our Bootcamp, where our startups get to work shoulder to shoulder with more established and experienced entrepreneurs. This gives our teams the added advantage of being able to tap into that experience, and develop crucial networks.


    Deloitte Private

    Delivery Partner - Accounting

    The team at Deloitte Private has been adding value to businesses in the startup space for many years and it's an area they thrive on!

    Hanging out with early stage, ambitious people and companies, helping make the right decisions to support growth and accelerate ideas is something they are pretty passionate about.

    The Deloitte Private Partners will help facilitate Bootcamp and provide the necessary financial guidance to teams along the journey and they will still be there to support once the business has commercialised.

    Chapman Tripp

    Chapman Tripp

    Delivery Partner - Legal

    The Chapman Tripp team has been with Bootcamp from the start, and is committed to helping smart NZ businesses grow and flourish. They are experts at providing the right legal solutions across the full range - from business structuring to IP protection to capital-raising and beyond.


    The team at Chapman Tripp will help deliver Bootcamp, ensuring teams know the key legal issues they will encounter and how to address them.



    Delivery Partner - Technology and Innovation

    At Accenture, our teams love to come together to innovate, to take a different view, find surprising new ways to solve familiar problems and help improve the way New Zealand lives, works, plays and grows.


    The Accenture Team are providing workshops and mentoring to challenge the thinking of the young entrepreneurs at Bootcamp, keeping them up to date with the latest innovative thinking and technology trends.


    Delivery Partner - Human Resources

    Humankind works with businesses of all shapes and sizes to help build amazing employee experiences. They create tailor-made solutions for organisations and - more importantly – the people who bring them to life. HR with a personal touch.

    The Humankind team will help facilitate workshops and be there to support the teams with the people side of their journey to help create the right foundations for future employers.


    1st Assembly

    Delivery Partner - Physical Products

    1st Assembly is a community of like-minded designers, engineers, craftspeople and entrepreneurs who collaborate to foster hardware innovation and business development. They work alongside one another within a coworking space equipped with all the essential facilities, such as fast internet, 3D printers and meeting rooms, which is supported by Creative HQ and the Hutt City Council. Their culture encourages curiosity, iteration and innovation, and Bootcampers will be able to tap into their product development knowledge and networks, both during and after Bootcamp.


    We are always looking for passionate members of the business community to partner with us to develop crucial business skills in our young entrepreneurs.  This includes corporate sponsors, business mentors, experts who can deliver workshops and entrepreneurs who can tell their inspirational stories.


    If you want to be part of this journey, let us know!

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