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Teams for 2019-2020

The teams have now been selected for this summer's Bootcamp!

· 2019-20 Bootcamp

On the 23rd of August, the delivery team sat down with some of our partners and selected the 7 teams that will take part in this year's Bootcamp. Here is a quick look at the incredible range of projects and the problems they are looking to tackle.

Circular Economy Sofa System

During his Masters of Design Innovation, team leader Steven has been working on a clever design that might help make furniture more sustainable. He know's the prototypes work in practice, he has registered the designs, but now for the real test - how to turn that into a sustainable business!


Dayus is developing a product that uses aerospace data to remotely assess riparian plantings for return on investment. After already being accepted into the virtual incubator of the NZ Aerospace Challenge, Deepak is looking forward to being able to future validate his business in the Bootcamp.

Emergency Scan

Working in a dangerous occupation, and often away from your home base? Emergency Scan helps emergency services and first responders access personal information about you in case you cannot communicate it yourself. This project is being worked up in MGMT 307, and Bootcamp will help Jordan validate the technology with real customers.


Tom was frustrated by the amount of waste created by retail transactions, so he set about exploring possible technical solutions. Rather than building them immediately and then testing them, Bootcamp will help him explore the problem from his customers perspective to ensure that the solution he settles on is the right one.

Lend a Hand (On the Day Jobs)

Sometimes you need someone to give you a hand, today, with something. It might be a big task, or a small one taking only 15 minutes or so. And whilst you are happy to pay, it's not always easy to find the right person. Sameer is currently exploring solutions to this in MGMT 307, and Bootcamp will help him take it one step further.

Management of Environmental Contamination with Biological Solutions

Geoff is proposing a business specialising in using engineered and cultured biological agents to remediate environmental contamination such as oil spills, heavy metal contamination, and other similar problems. What does the market look like for such a business? And what steps does he need to take to make it viable? That's what he will discover during Bootcamp!

Toi Whakairo

Toi Whakairo was launched on Facebook in 2017. The idea was born out of Tukiris’ passion for taonga Māori and Kāmaia's passion for design and business administration. They are currently only selling customised traditional whakairo - wood carvings, but want to expand into kākahu - clothing, and eventually moko. Their big goal? To open a store in Wellington that is a home away from home for their Māori brothers and sisters, and that creates a positive and raw experience for non-Māori.

Some of these teams are still looking for team members - if you are a Vic student keen on being connected with one of these teams and participating in this summer's Bootcamp, please contact Emily (the programme manager) at

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